Innovative 6-Axis Force Torque Sensor

RFT Series is a capacitive F/T sensor that can measure the six components of force and torque simultaneously. The sensor has an innovative structure design and a robust calibration algorithm to achieve both of cost competitiveness and reliable performance. It provides users with various interface options to support a wide range of automation and research applications. It also has an internal overload protection to avoid damage from external impact or excessive load.
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Capacitive Type

Sensing capacitance variation by structural deformation

Reliable Performance

Immunity to electrical noise, robust calibration,

High Durability

Mechanical overload protection, no adhesive

Easy Installation

All-in-one device with embedded signal processing, interface software support

Low Cost

Simple structure, simplified fabrication process

Various Output Options

CAN, RS232, RS422, USB, and EtherCAT

Product Line-up

Compact Size Type | Hollow Core Type | Dust Seal Type | High Torque Type

Customization Service

User defined mechanical interface, Special specification


Force/torque monitoring & inspection, Force control of industrial robots and service robots, Force sensing in medical or rehabilitation devices, Haptic devices for teleoperation