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RFTDAQ-001 software package allows compilation and analysis of the data from the RFT robot force torque sensor directly and simultaneously. This data set is then processed to get reference data for on-site data evaluation of robot force torque sensor. Reference data are used for a comparison with the acquired data in search of any abnormality in the dataset. This is exceptionally useful for inspection or examination of the manufacturing process, which is indispensable in QC/QA work. You can set up a production line running 24/7 and let us have your back with a real-time qaulity monitoring for smarter manufacturing. 

RFTDAQ-001 Force/torque data acquisition & analysis solution

Simultaneous data collection of multiple sensors(RFT series) | Analysis based on statistics or AI |
Customizable solution in configuration, interface, UI, and so on | Uses for evaluation only or on-site application.

Robot Force Torque Sensor
  • Force/Torque
    Data Acquisition

  • Analysis

  • Predictive